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Things Men Find Unattractive


Gossips are loved by women. The best subject for women to gossip is mistakes made by men.

Now men! Do the men do same in the case of ladies?

Do guys really know or understand anything about women’s fashion like outfit, makeup or perfume
Here are  things which guys find unattractive in women:

Intricate Hairstyle


A tricky intricate hairstyle with lots of styling gel, knots, clips etc. Is fine for functions or a photo shoots in studios, But most preferred hairstyle by
men in other situations is natural looking hair. which is pleasant to touch and is without any styling gel, hair sprays,knots and other hair products.

Heavy Foundation

Fine lines, blemishes and kind of flaws can be hidden by Foundation. Its use makes skin look healthier and smooth and also evens out complexions and make skin tone fairer. Foundation should not be heavy or visible to others, not even you. It should not look like as if you are wearing a mask. It should thoroughly blend by skin.

Glitter and Shimmer on Your Eyelids

If you professionally don’t know how to apply those glittery eyeshadows avoid applying it, as very few succeed in applying those. Matte eyeshadows
are the best option compared to glittery eyeshadows as they won’t make eye crease to cling!

Gummed up Lashes

No one like the eyelashes which are gummed up with loads of mascara. Clumped eyelashes don’t look tempting or sexy moreover they steal the beauty of your eyes. Always use mascara of good quality, go for different brands and pick the one which is best for you. Select a mascara which is smudge proof and which don’t fade or rub off after many hours. Make use of special brush which would help you remove clumps from eyelashes.

Bad Breath or Yellowish Teeth

Teeth which are yellowish or giving out bad smell fails in attracting men’s attention. So think about what’s the reason for the problem! It maybe due to drinking too much coffee, black tea or red wine.
Smoking too causes teeth to turn yellowish giving out bad breath! To solve this problem better use whitening toothpaste and carry handy breath dragees along with you.

Too Much Perfume

Fragrant perfumes help you to express individuality and avoid bad odour. Perfumes you wear should be little weak and not too much strong! As too much of everything is never right. Your perfume should be secret that man should become curious to know about your beautiful personality.

Grooming Publicly

Avoid grooming in public places, as men would never like you making yourself attractive in public! It will affect men’s illusions. Let them think you are naturally beautiful. Complete your makeup procedures at home itself and avoid it in public.