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SURPRISINGLY Beautiful Children From Unattractive Celebs


When we talk about celebrities, the first thing that comes to our mind is beauty and their unavoidable charisma. Celebs have always been known for their beauty, a perfectly toned face that makes them look attractive and awesome. But, not always! There are celebrities who do not have the perfect facial features like others and those who are not so pleasant and charming to look at. Not like they are any inferior to the beautiful ones; they are the ones that have become what they are due to their charisma! But, the new generations coming out of these celebrities can be surprisingly beautiful at times. Yes, there are celebs who are not beautiful but surprisingly have extremely beautiful kids that can keep your eyes pinned. Don’t believe me? Check this awesome list out for yourself!

Jay Z (HOVA)’s Daughter


We all know HOVA and love him from our heart. But, being honest, he is not a celeb who has a beautiful face that can catch anyone’s attention. On the other hand, Bey is among the most beautiful women celebrities of the world. Blue Ivy, their daughter, we must say, is indeed lucky to have got the facial features of her mother. She is among the most cutest and attractive kids born from celebs.