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Embarrassing Moments You Can Blame On The Wind


People have to struggle in making the choice as what to wear outside on the windiest yet hottest days of summer. Even then, if you don’t choose the right outfit, a mistaken decision will leave you look like one of these pictures, when you are struggling hard to keep your skirt decent but it all goes in vain. We are presenting you moments that many people will regret when they are caught struggling with their greatest enemy then; the wind.

This woman looks really disappointed by her choice of costume in this cruel weather.


The day was going pretty well until the breeze took in the show and this happened. The good part is that the guy walking besides her doesn’t know a thing about the awful circumstances at his back, or else this would have been more embarrassing than it already is.

However, we must say that the girl is too busy with her life to notice; and too exposing too get noticed.