Men On Instagram That Make You Hate Your Life

We’ve all seen the phenomenon before: people whose Internet life is so awesome, you’re looking at their profile and thinking “why isn’t that me?” Well, for one, it’s not you because you’re sitting behind your desk reading this article instead of doing something with your life. You’re not going to find the secret to unlimited wealth here, you know. It’s out there, hidden among normal people and heaps of disappointment.
Some people have braved the wild seas of the ocean we call “real life” and found the pirate’s treasure. They’re now living a life of luxury and awesomeness and feel the uncontrollable urge to confront us with it. On the Internet. Because just frustrating the living hell out of everyone in a ten mile radius somehow doesn’t cut it. Let’s take a look at some of those Instagram Assholes.

Dan Bilzerian
This guy is a professional poker player. Yup, he turned a gambling addiction into a job. I’ve yet to see a picture of him without a scantily-clad lady near his person. Also, it’s usually more than one scantily-clad lady.


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