Epic Fails Of Absent Minded People

The human mind is like an advanced spacecraft that possesses an auto-pilot function. We do not necessarily have to focus on every task we undertake, as our body can follow through on the actions without our mind focusing on it. This is why we can drive our car around without paying too much attention to the controls after we get a hang of it. Unfortunately for us, our mind sometimes does not necessarily perform the right function at the right time, and that leads to some epic fails. Here is a list of hilarious pictures where people weren’t really thinking as much as they needed to.

How Do I Turn This On?


Sometimes we don’t use the right tools to solve a problem, even when we have full access to them. This person was clearly thoughtful enough to carry an umbrella on a rainy day. Unfortunately he seems to have forgotten that he carried one in the first place, either that or he doesn’t know how to use them properly.

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