The Craziest Adult-Only Attractions And Theme Parks

We often equate theme parks to kids and family fun. Roller coaster rides, themed lands and cartoon mascots all make up the basic elements of a good theme park. Who didn’t have great memories of theme parks as a kid? But who says theme parks are all just clean fun? Not all parks are created alike — and some of them are not rated PG. We have compiled a list of top theme parks and attractions that are for adults only. Enjoy.

Human Catapult, UK


Some park rides are, well, bad ideas. One example is the Human Catapult Ride at Middlemoor Water Park in UK. For 40 GBP, riders can go on a massive medieval style catapult and get flung through the air at 60mph, before you get caught in a net 75 ft. away.

Since the ride opened it had caused several injuries and accidents. The ride proved deathly when in 2002, a 19-year-old student from Oxford took the ride, missed the landing net and was ultimately killed.

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